How to Install chia-dev-tools on Windows 10


How to Install chia-dev-tools on Windows 10 - A Walkthrough

Posted on April 5, 2022 by Steve Stepp
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How to Install chia-dev-tools on Windows 10

  1. Install Python from Microsoft Store:

  2. Install C++ Build Tools :
    I just checked every build tool offered.

  3. Open Powershell as Administrator (right-click icon choose Run as Administrator)

  4. Change the Execution Policy:
    PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
  5. Create a folder for your project.
    mkdir C:\Users\Steve\Documents\ChiaProjects\FirstTest
  6. Change directory into your new folder
    cd C:\Users\Steve\Documents\ChiaProjects\FirstTest
  7. python -m venv venv
    This will take a little bit of time, be patient.

  8. Activate the python virtual environment.
  9. Then run the installation for the chia-dev-tools
    (venv) PS C:\Users\Steve\Documents\ChiaProjects\FirstTest> pip install chia-dev-tools
  10. Add install location into Path environment variable.
    Start • Settings • System • About • Advanced system settings • Environment Variables • System Variables • Path • Edit • New


    Note: I had to do a search for the cdv.exe file in File Explorer to determine the location to use.

  11. Restart computer.

  12. Relaunch Powershell as Adminstrator.

  13. Change into your project directory and check the version.
    cdv --version

I hope you had fun and find this useful.

Feedback is always welcome.

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