Digging Deep into Chia Network

Digging Deep into Chia Network

Digging Deep into Chia Network

Chia GUI : Latest Dev Release

  • It looks like major changes are coming to the GUI. Check out some of these screenshots captured from the lastest Dev release.

    Tokens View:

    Offers View:

    Full Node View:

    Plots View:

    Farming View:

    Pooling View:

    Settings View:

    source: Chia Network Dowloads

Up Next Release

Coming Soon

  • Expose transaction sorting options to CLI

    In 1.3 the GUI and back-end were updated with some new sorting options for transactions. Specifically one can sort by height (order by confirmed_at_height {ASC}) or "relevance" (order by confirmed {ASC}, confirmed_at_height {DESC}, created_at_time {DESC})

    The GUI uses relevance by default.

    This PR exposes these options to the CLI for get_transactions with --sort-by-height and --sort-by-relevance with relevance as the default. This should make get_transactions return the same list in the same order as the GUI displays them. For completeness, also expose the --reverse option which reverses the order of the sort

    source: pull request #11090 - ready_to_merge 4/13/2022

In Progress

  • Adding wallets and general IU improvements/fee estimator

    Sounds like there is a fee estimator in the works. This was a wished for enhancement that was recently discussed on a Twitter Space with the Chia Community.

    source: trello - In Progress Blockchain 3/9/2022

  • Plot Compression Improvements

    It looks like the last update on plot compression was in early February.

    source: trello - In Progress Blockchain 2/9/2022

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