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AUTO START FARMING AND HARVESTING PROCESSES One thing I have set up on each server is an entry in crontab to immediately start the farmer/harvester back up at boot up. This keeps me from having to do it if the server is restarted for some reason. # For a Chia farmer @reboot cd ~/chia-blockchain && . ./activate && chia start farmer # For a Chia harvester @reboot cd ~/chia-blockchain && . ./activate && chia start harvester # For a HDDcoin farmer @reboot cd ~/hddcoin-blockchain && . ./activate && hddcoin start farmer # For a HDDcoin harvester @reboot cd ~/hddcoin-blockchain && . ./activate && hddcoin start harvester
XCH Transaction Exporter XCH Transaction Exporter XCH Transaction Exporter : getxchtx [Bash Edition]     Generate a list of transactions for Chia (XCH) into a CSV file. - You must run this script from the command line. The script pulls all your transactions into a json file by querying the wallet db, then loops through each transaction building a CSV file. Note: You must use the ' bash ' command and not ' sh '. COMMAND OPTIONS USAGE : bash [OPTIONS] OPTIONS -y YEAR transactions only for given 4-digit year Default: all transactions -i INTERGER Id of the wallet to use Default : 1 -s INTERGER Index of starting transaction Default : 0 -e INTERGER Index of ending transaction Default : 999999 -o INTERGER 0 for ascending, 1 for descending

Digging Deep into Chia Network

Digging Deep into Chia Network Digging Deep into Chia Network Chia GUI : Latest Dev Release It looks like major changes are coming to the GUI. Check out some of these screenshots captured from the lastest Dev release. Tokens View: Offers View: Full Node View: Plots View: Farming View: Pooling View: Settings View: source: Chia Network Dowloads Up Next Release Harvester - Farmer Performance/Scalability Improvements Various harvester and farmer improvements related to harester startup, requesting plot information, plot refreshing. Particularly around large farms with serveral thousand plots. source: pull request #9695 - merged to main 4/7/2021 Add /cat_get_unacknowledged API for accessing unknown CATs source: pull request #10382 - merged to main 4/7/2021

How to Install chia-dev-tools on Windows 10

  How to Install chia-dev-tools on Windows 10 - A Walkthrough Posted on April 5, 2022 by Steve Stepp #chia #xch #cryptocurrency #windows10 #python #chialisp #chia-dev-tools #powershell How to Install chia-dev-tools on Windows 10 Install Python from Microsoft Store: Install C++ Build Tools : I just checked every build tool offered. Open Powershell as Administrator ( right-click icon choose Run as Administrator ) Change the Execution Policy: PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Create a folder for your project. mkdir C:\Users\Steve\Documents\ChiaProjects\FirstTest Change directory into your new folder cd C:\Users\Steve\Documents\ChiaProjects\FirstTest python -m venv venv This will take a little bit of time, be patient. Activate the python virtual environment. ./venv/Scripts/activate Then run the installation for the chia-dev-tool