How to setup a Chia/HDDcoin Cofarming Harvester

These steps assume you already have a HDDCoin FULL NODE computer running.

1 You will need to copy the "ca" folder from the HDDcoin Farmer and drop it into your Home folder on the Harvester.

2 You will need to get the Chia seed and put it into a text file in the Home folder on the Harvester.

3 Deactivate if you have Chia (venv) running

4 > cd ~

5 > sudo apt-get update

6 > sudo apt-get upgrade -y

7 > git clone

                Note: This is for solo farming HDDcoin using Chia plots. Plots can be OG or NFT.

8 > cd hddcoin-blockchain

9 > sh

10 > . ./activate

11 > sh

12 > hddcoin init  -c ~/hddcoin-ca

13 > hddcoin keys add -f ~/chia-seed.txt

14 On Harvester, edit config.yaml and set "farmer_peer" under Harvester section to IP Address for HDDcoin Farmer

15 Add the drives for your plots

16 > hddcoin plots add -d /mnt/hdd-01

17 > hddcoin start harvester


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